ASSANY Andriameva Yvan




Axes de recherche

Development Economics, Applied Micro-econometrics, Political Economy, Governance Measure, Corruption, Violence, Trust, Social networks, Elites, Sub-Saharan Africa.

Yvan Assany


Thèse en cours : Governance, Trust and Elites in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Madagascar in a comparative perspective


Université Paris Dauphine
Sous la direction d’Emmanuelle Lavallée et François Roubaud 
Date d’inscription : Septembre 2019


Good governance as well as peaceful, inclusive and efficient institutions are widely recognized as fundamental determinants of a sustainable economic development. Those goals are explicitly expressed in the 2030 Agenda at global level (SDG16) and in the 2063 Agenda at the African level (Aspirations 3 and 4). This thesis aims to study three issues and aspects of governance in a microeconomic perspective, in Madagascar compared to Sub-Saharan African countries. The first aspect concerns its measure, by studying the interactions and correlations between experience data and perception data of several governance issues (such as corruption for example). The second aspect, of a more analytical feature, will focus on the relationship between the components of governance, focusing on the interactions between trust and violence (criminal and organized). Finally, the last aspect will focus on the actors of governance, by analyzing the determinants and effects of the elite networks of citizens in Madagascar. This research project mainly makes use of the « Governance, Peace and Security » household surveys (GPS-SHaSA), conducted in dozen of Sub-Saharan African countries since 2013. A specific module, only conducted in Madagascar in 2016, brings information on the citizens’ experiences and perceptions of the relations between « Power and Citizens ».