FERRE Capucine




Axes de recherche

Conflict Economics, Economic history, Social capital, France, South Africa.



Thèse en cours : Conflict and social capital


Université Paris Dauphine
Sous la direction de Guillaume Daudin et Marion Mercier
Date d’inscription : Septembre 2023


This project titled “Conflict and social capital” focuses on the links between conflict and social capital, and in particular on long-term effects. Both directions of causality will be studied through a historical lens, using both empirical and theoretical methods. The specificities of different types of social capital will also be an important part of the analysis.
The first part of the thesis will focus on a theoretical approach of the interactions between conflict and social capital. The second and third chapters will then investigate the link between violence and social capital in the context of the French Revolution, through a quantitative analysis of cahiers de doléance. The fourth chapter will diverge from the literature on the long-term effects of exposure to violence, which primarily focuses on European cases, by studying the consequences of the Mfecane on social capital in South Africa.