FALL Fatou




Axes de recherche

Development Economics, Microeconomics, Collective action, Agriculture, Sub-Saharan Africa.



Thèse en cours : Communities and solidarity, a support for agricultural performance


Université Paris Dauphine
Sous la direction de Philippe de Vreyer
Date d’inscription : Septembre 2020


To assist the improvement of the agricultural sector and increase its productivity, government and non-governmental organizations are implementing programs and solutions where rural communities are not only the recipients but also the actors. With a lack of public infrastructure and scarce public intervention, relying on communities to manage infrastructure, diffuse information in order to spread technology adoption, or organize themselves to collectively have access to investments and improve the productivity of their agricultural activities can beneficial. The management and access to common goods is here essential. This thesis aims at exploring if relying on community members is a solution to promote agricultural growth for the whole community. The first chapter aspire to look into how incentives can enable the diffusion of information on agricultural practices for different farmers within a community. The second chapter’s purpose is to investigate who in the community participate in an agricultural cooperative and why does it affect its performance. The third chapter focuses on the role of collective action for the access and the management of water infrastructures.