LECUIT Florence




Axes de recherche

Development Economics, Women’s Empowerment, Child Nutrition, Food Security, Sub-Saharan Africa.



Thèse en cours : Women’s Empowerment and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa 


Université Paris Dauphine
Sous la direction d’Anne-Sophie Robilliard, Charlotte Guénard et Tomoé Bourdier
Date d’inscription : Octobre 2023


Women in rural areas constitute the majority of agricultural labor force in small-scale and subsistence farming in Sub Saharan Africa. They work on the field, in agricultural transformation and processing and are also responsible for household food preparation and cooking. Women are primary caregivers of children, and thus have a significant role in ensuring their children’s food and nutritional security. Consequently, a woman’s status and financial autonomy, her ability to work and take decisions at work and within the household, as well as her health and nutritional condition are crucial not only to ensure household food security and nutritional outcomes but also to develop agriculture in these countries. This thesis will focus on women’s empowerment in Sub-Saharan Africa and the relationship with agriculture and household food and nutritional security drawing from the fields of development economics and nutrition.