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Development economics, Migrations and impacts on individuals left-behind, Intra-household analysis, Women’s empowerment.

Elsa Gautrain


Thèse en cours : Endogeneity of household composition, migrations and women’s empowerment


Université Paris Dauphine
Sous la direction de S. Bertoli (CERDI) et F. Gubert (DIAL)

Date d’inscription : Octobre 2018


The household unit is widely used in economic, demographic, political and social analysis. Its composition changes with births, deaths, marriages, divorces and migrations, but also with temporary entries and exits. In the developing world, the majority of households includes individuals other than the nuclear family, and their size and structure are the result of choices and constraints. Some household compositions are more conducive to the formulation of migration strategies. In addition, the migration of one member is an event that can disrupt household balance and questions the interest in living together for the remaining members. My work highlights the endogeneity between the cohabitation and migration strategies of individuals, which are considerations related to the role of women within households.