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Microeconometrics, remittances, migration, inequality, education, natural resources, household behaviour analysis.

Mahamat Moustapha


Thèse en cours : Three essays on the use of external revenues by beneficiaries in Sub-Saharan Africa


Université Paris Dauphine

Sous la direction de P. De Vreyer 

Date d’inscription : Novembre 2018


This thesis aims to examine how recipients in Sub-Saharan Africa use transfers (private and public).   The first two chapters of the thesis deal with migrant remittances and focus on Senegal, while the last chapter examines public transfers of oil rent in Chad. In the first chapter, I investigate whether remittance recipients contribute more to household expenditures and how this contribution differs between domestic and international remittances.  In the second chapter, I analyze the redistributive nature of international remittances.  In particular, I examine whether recipients are more likely to share these funds domestically.   The third chapter addresses oil rent and its effects in the oil-producing region of Logone Oriental in Chad. In this chapter, I use administrative and survey data to examine whether children in the oil region are more or less likely to drop out of school than in other parts of the country.