PERROT Mathilde




Axes de recherche

International Aid, Development Economics, Trade, Local Development, Welfare, Environment, Applied Economics.


Thèse en cours : 3 Essays on Chinese Development Finance


Université Paris Dauphine
Sous la direction d’Emmanuelle Lavallée et Julie Lochard
Date d’inscription : septembre 2022


China’s development finance program is at odd with the characteristics of traditional aid. The country’s lending practices, implementation methods and focus sectors have fueled heated debates on its effectiveness as a donor. While its detractors believe that China promotes “Rogue aid” with a blatant disregard for international norms, one might also consider China as complementary to traditional aid. Indeed, China has demonstrated its willingness to invest in sectors neglected by traditional aid flows. Most importantly, the country possesses a financial clout currently unmatched by traditional and emerging donors.


Thus, the role played by China as a donor could be both a source of risks and an opportunity for developing countries. This thesis will contribute to this debate by focusing on the three following and complementary research questions:
1. What are the Welfare Impacts of Chinese Development Finance in Cambodia?
2. Does Chinese Development Finance Influence Trade Specialization in Recipient Countries?
3. What are the Local Environmental Impacts of Chinese Development Finance: a Comparative Analysis.