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Development Economics, Health Economics, Applied Microeconometrics, Inequalities, Microeconomics.

Yohan Renard


Thèse en cours : Essays in Health Economics in Developing Countries


Université Paris-Dauphine et PSL

Sous la direction d’Elodie Djemaï et Marta Menéndez

Date d’inscription : Octobre 2018 


Using applied microeconometric methods, this thesis focuses on health issues faced by the poor in low-income countries, and on how to overcome them in resource-limited settings. In doing so, it covers several demand- and supply-side challenges including the pricing of public health services, physical access to health infrastructures, the role of parental education as well as the determinants of health inequalities. The first chapter aims to determine the effect of free health care reforms on maternal health care utilization and child health in sub-Saharan Africa. In the second chapter, we disentangle and quantify the respective causal effect of mother’s and father’s education on child health in Zimbabwe. In the third chapter, we analyze inequality of opportunity in health in Indonesia and how it has evolved over time.