Thèse en cours : A randomized evaluation of the demand for lpg stoves and of the associated effects on household air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and well-being in Burkina Faso


Université Paris Dauphine

Sous la direction de P. De Vreyer 

Date d’inscription : Septembre 2017


In 2018 approximately 40% of the world population still relies on solid fuels such as wood or charcoal to satisfy their cooking needs. Cooking with biomass is thought to be associated with a broad range of development issues including deforestation, climate change, women’s unpaid labor and child labor, and household impoverishment. The 2012 wave of the Burden of Disease survey has also shown that Household Air Pollution from cooking on inefficient biomass stoves is a major public health concern which causes more than 4 million deaths every year. LPG is one of the cleanest cooking fuels and has been shown to have a low climate impact throughout its life cycle. This project uses an experimental design to assess the economic, health and climate impacts as well as the gender effects of the introduction of LPG stoves among households who were previously using traditional cooking solutions and solid fuels in Burkina Faso. A parallel objective will be to understand how the adoption and usage of LPG stoves vary according to the price or payment scheme offered: subsidized or unsubsidized retail price, access to credit or not.