Axes de recherche

Development Economics, International Migrations, Return Migrations, Applied Microeconometrics.

Adrien Vandenbunder


Thèse en cours : Towards a better understanding of temporary migrations. The case of circular migration and reintegration in Senegal. 


Université Paris Dauphine

Sous la direction de L.Chauvet et C.Beauchemin

Date d’inscription : Septembre 2019


Circular migration has been recently hailed by policy-makers as the best form of temporary migration for all the parties involved, a point of view not shared by everyone as critics point out the risks for the migrants’ rights that this type of mobility might entail. Using novel survey data on return migration from the TEMPER project recently collected in four countries of origin, the present thesis will begin by clarifying the concepts of return and circular migration on a quantitative basis. It will do so primarily by testing the impact, on their sample sizes and profiles, of taking the different definitions of return migrants elected by previous surveys. Then, using the case study of Senegal, it will shed light on who are these individuals who have migrated more than once, what are their motives and in what sense they might be different from other returnees and non-migrants even before moving abroad. With all this information at hand, the last two papers of this thesis will study the effects of diverse experiences of temporary migration on reintegration, first economically with the investments back home and afterwards socially with the transformations of opinions.