Essais sur la ressource humaine en santé et l'utilisation des services de santé maternelle en Afrique sub-saharienne

Brice Nkoumou Ngoa

Décembre 2017

Université Paris-Dauphine

Sous la direction de Philippe DE VREYER

This thesis studies the effect of prices on the decisions of health professionals and the use of maternal health services in sub-Saharan Africa. The first two chapters are concerned with the effect of wages on the effort choices and the multiple job holding of health professionals. Based on data collected at the peripheral level of the Cameroonian health system (Yaoundé and Douala), it appears that wages in the main job have no significant effect on the effort choice and the multiple job holding of the health professionals. Thus, a policy of high wages appears insufficient to control the shirking behaviour and the multiple job holding phenomenon of health professionals in the sub-Saharan context. The third chapter analyzes the short-term impact of the free delivery and caesarean program on the use of maternal health services in Senegal. This evaluation does not show in a short-term any positive impact of the free-of-charge measure on the use of maternal health services. The hasty scaling-up of free-of-charge policies can be then questioned in this context.


Keywords : Health, maternal health, free of charge policies, health professional, wages, work effort, multiple job holding, sub-Saharan Africa.