Dialogue N°72

Dialogue N°72 N°72 – May 2024Focus : Tribute: Xavier Oudin (1955-2024)Javier Herrera and François Roubaud See all dialogues

Dialogue N°71

Dialogue N°71 N°71 – March 2024Focus : Immigration and crime: empirical results and theoretical mechanismsFabio Mariani and Marion Mercier See all dialogues

Dialogue N°70

Dialogue N°70 N°70 – December 2023Focus : An anatomy of state aid to businesses in FranceAnne-Laure Delatte See all dialogues

Dialogue N°69

Dialogue N°69 N°69 – October 2023 Focus : Women’s work, autonomy and social norms Véronique Gille See all dialogues

Dialogue N°68

Dialogue N°68 N°68 – July 2023Focus :  Brazil during the pandemic: Measuring the “Bolsonaro effect” and comparative political economy of health crisis management by Brazil and MexicoMireille Razafindrakoto et François Roubaud See all dialogues

New Publication : Statistical Journal of the IAOS – Volume 39, issue 2, pp.289-418

Statistical Journal of the IAOS – Volume 39, issue 2, pp.289-418 Central Theme : Statistics on Governance, Peace and Security   Edited by Thomas Calvo, Jean-Pierre Cling, Mireille Razafindrakoto, François Roubaud, Arouna Sougané

Dialogue N°67

Dialogue N°67 N°67 – April 2023 Focus : Migration in SubSaharan Africa, do information campaigns change migratory aspirations and behaviours? Flore Gubert, Sandrine Mesplé-Somps and Björn Nilsson See all dialogues

Dialogue N°66

Dialogue N°66 N°66 – December 2022 Focus : Surviving the lockdown using social networks in rural South India Cécile Mouchel et Christophe Jalil Nordman See all dialogues

Dialogue N°65

Dialogue N°65 N°65 – October 2022 Focus : Impact assessment of a drinking water supply project in Kinshasa Flore Gubert, Camille Saint-Macary, Komlavi II Adjegan, Virginie Comblon, Benoit Marion, François Roubaud See all dialogues

Dialogue N°64

Dialogue N°64 N°64 – March 2022 Focus : Government revenue in Africa from Colonial Times to Present: Evidence from Former French Colonies Denis Cogneau, Yannick Dupraz, Justine Knebelmann, Sandrine Mesplé-Somps See all dialogues